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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1Codetoads (U Calgary) (Alberta - D3)111395
2Codeswamp (U Calgary) (Alberta - D3)101200
3Alberta Sapphire (U Alberta) (Alberta - D3)91274
4Alberta Amethyst (U Alberta) (Alberta - D3)8620
5Alberta Green (U Alberta) (Alberta - D3)7671
6Alberta Amber (U Alberta) (Alberta - D3)7989
7University of Lethbridge WA (U Lethbridge) (Alberta - D3)4182
8Alberta White (U Alberta) (Alberta - D3)4196
9University of Lethbridge TLE (U Lethbridge) (Alberta - D3)4259
1060hz (U Calgary) (Alberta - D3)4556
11Narayana's Cow (U Calgary) (Alberta - D3)4864
12University of Lethbridge RTE (U Lethbridge) (Alberta - D3)3322
13University of Lethbridge CE (U Lethbridge) (Alberta - D3)3550
14University of Lethbridge MLE (U Lethbridge) (Alberta - D3)1180
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