Rocky Mountain Regional Contest

Colorado - D3 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1Kentucky Fan Club (Mines) (Colorado - D3)10895
2ICPC Fix Your Website (University of Colora) (Colorado - D3)81210
3Mines Blue (Mines) (Colorado - D3)5360
4Error 418 (Mines) (Colorado - D3)5738
5NP Soft (Mines) (Colorado - D3)51036
6League gamers! (University of Colora) (Colorado - D3)4465
7:(){ :|:& };: (MSC) (Colorado - D3)3175
8CU Gold (University of Colora) (Colorado - D3)3707
9CU Boulder Red (University of Colora) (Colorado - D3)2309
10Not xor ptr (MSC) (Colorado - D3)2467
11The 11 Muskateers (Mines) (Colorado - D3)00
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